Share Files and Folders - Mac Tips Daily! #356

Listen to today's show If you have multiple accounts on your Mac, you may have a need to share a file with all of the user accounts on your Mac. Mac OS X offers several ways to do it, but I think the SHARED folder is the easiest. It gives all users READ/WRITE privileges to it, so you can easily collaborate.

How to do it:

1. Open Macintosh HD mactips_356_1.png

2. Open the Users folder.


3. Open the Shared folder. Once it's open, you can drag and drop files into it that you want to share with everyone on the Mac. mactips_356_3.png

4. If you are going to do this frequently, a quick shortcut is to add this folder to your sidebar. Simply click and drag the folder to your sidebar under the places section. mactips_356_4.png

5. For users to access these files, they will have to navigate to this folder from their account. Remember that everyone has Read and Write privileges to this folder.