Safari 3 FIND - Mac Tips Daily! #349

safari.pngListen to Today's Show In the latest version of Safari (version 3), Apple added a feature Firefox users have long been using.... the ability to restore your last browsing session. 1. Open 'Safari 2. Now, go to the 'HISTORY' menu and choose 'Reopen all windows from last session'. Now all of the windows and their associated tabs you had open the last time you ran Safari will open back up. mactips_350_1.png Bonus: One other similar feature is the ability to reopen the LAST closed window, instead of ALL of them. 1. Open a new window. FILE-> NEW WINODW 2. Browse to a website. Close the window. 3. Go to the 'HISTORY' menu and choose 'Reopen Last Closed Window'. This option will appear grayed out until you have actually opened and closed a window.