Reverse Video Display (fun) - Mac Tips Daily! #357

Listen to Today's Show mactips_357_1.pngDo you have a co-worker, friend, or relative that you want to play a prank on? Well, the Mac makes it pretty easy to do. How would you like to completely mess up their display colors so bad they think they will need to call Apple Care? It will do no harm to their machine and it's easily reversible. While >this is not designed as a prank, it can certainly be used as one...

Let's get to it:

Simply hold down the following key combination. Press CONTROL-OPTION-COMMAND-8 all at the same time. Go ahead and try it now, on your machine. How it works: geniusbar_logo.png It is simply changing a preference in the UNIVERSAL ACCESS Pane in System Preferences. This key sequence changes the display from Black on White to White on Black and makes everything look reversed. Once your friends call you, you can look like a Mac genius because you know how to fix it.

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