Quicktime Frame Numbers & Time Codes - Mac Tips Daily! #293

quicktime If you are viewing a movie or other video in Quicktime Player, you can easily get some important info, such as the Movie Time, SMPTE Time Code, or the Frame Number. This can be especially helpful if you are trying to edit a video and you need the exact frame number. 1. Open a Movie with Quicktime Player. I like to use the 'Get a Mac' videos with the Mac and PC Guys.

Once you open it up and press play, notice the area next to the left of the timeline... it will be showing the current time of the movie. Click on it and it will present you with additional options. You can select: Standard - which shows the current movie time position. Frame Number - which displays the frame number, incrementing from 0 at the start of the movie. Time Code - Time Code displays the movies time code in hh:mm:ss: fram format. Either the time code or drop frame time code will be displayed with this option. If there is a colon in the frame segment of the time notation, this indicates that a non-drop time code is being used. A semi-colon indicates a drop frame time code is used. Time code may not be an option on all videos, since it isn't always added.

Note:It's not an advanced tip, but someone that might utilize it's use might be more of an advanced user or video editor.