Print Finder Directories - Mac Tips Daily! #294

FinderHave you ever been looking at a list of files in your Finder Window and wanted to print the list? In Mac OS X, Finder doesn't contain any easy Print command to do this. However, there is a workaround to print the directory listing.

Let's get to it:

This tip is going to require the use of a Desktop Printer. Follow MTD #135 - Desktop Printers to create one. After you've done that you are ready to move on. 1. From your Finder Window, in the middle of the toolbar is a tiny icon, called the PROXY icon. To print the current directory click and drag that proxy icon onto your desktop printer. 2. After you have done this, Up will pop a print dialog box. From there you can preview the printout, save it as PDF, or Print it to your printer. 3. Now you should have either a screen or paper printout from the option you selected. It will show the Filenames, Sizes, and Dates - in Alphabetical order. There are other ways to print Finder folders, but most involve 3rd party software or a trip to the Terminal.