iPhoto Image Counts - Mac Tips Daily! #292

Listen to this episode iphotoIt's easy to get a count of how many images are inside of an iPhoto slideshow, folder, or album. Sometimes you need this information when you want to create a photo book, slideshow, or anything that requires a minimum or maximum number of images. Let's get to it: 1. Open 'iPhoto'. 2. Go to the iPhoto menu iPhoto->Preferences and choose 'Preferences'. Note: Notice it doesn't list the number of images in each item. 3. Click on the 'General' tab. Then add a checkmark next to 'Show Items Counts'. Click to enlargeClick to enlarge 4. Now you should see the number of images inside each of your folders, albums, and slideshows. Note: This could slow down the launch of iPhoto a little bit, especially with a large collection (thousands) of images.