Drag and Drop Opening - Mac Tips Daily! #352

Listen to this Episode FinderIcon.pngSometimes you may have a file that you want to open with a program besides it's default. For example, if you have Photoshop on your system, it may very well associate itself with all of your images, and when you double click on a file, it opens it up in Photoshop. Well as we all know, Photoshop takes a long time to load just to peek at a JPEG. The solution is to use a more lightweight and faster program. For example, I may want to use Preview to open my JPEG file. To do so I simply DRAG and DROP the File onto the Application I want to open it with. In this case I would drag my JPEG file onto the Preview Icon since I want to open the picture with 'Preview'. mactips_352_1.png This only does it for this one particular time, and photoshop is still my default program to open images. This can be really handy especially when you have a file (not necessarily an image) and you aren't sure what program opens it. Just start dragging and dropping onto different apps that you think may open it. Worst case is that you will get an error & the file won't read it at all. Just be sure if this happens you don't save before you quit the application.