Disable Images in Safari - Mac Tips Daily! #281

If you are on a low speed internet connection you can speed up your browsing by disabling images. While this does take away from the web experience, if you are on a painfully slow connection, this is a good alternative, and will speed up browsing, since it doesn't need to download the images. Listen Here

Let's get to it:

1. Open 'Safari'. Safari 2. Go to 'Safari -> Preferences'. Safari Preferences

3. Select 'Appearance'. From there, remove the checkmark next to 'Display images when the page opens'. Once you've done that, close the window. Safari Prefs 4. Now, browse to your favorite website and notice how much quicker it loads. If you still see images, then they are probably cached locally, so click the refresh button on your browser. 5. To enable them again, simply repeat the steps.