Create Ringtones with Garage Band - Mac Tips Daily! #364

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If you have Garage Band it's easy to create Ringtones. With the iPhone it's very simple, but if you have another phone, it's not so easy. For most phones, You need to put them into the MP3 format a format most phones recognize. This tip will show you how to do both! Let's get to it: 1. Open Garage Band and choose 'Create New Music Project' Go with the default settings, choose a name for your ringtone template, and choose 'CREATE



2. Close the Grand Piano and then select the Grand Piano track and choose 'Track -> Delete Track' mactips_364_4.png mactips_364_5.png

3. Now we need to add the song we are going to use as a ringtone. if your media browser isn't already showing, we need to open it up. To do so, in the bottom right hand corner, choose the icon with the musical note, and click on it. mactips_364_6.png Get a FREE Audio Book from Audible audible.png

4. Click on the 'AUDIO' tab if it isn't already selected. From there, select a song from your iTunes library that you would like to create a ringtone from. Then Click and Drag it into the track area. Make sure once you've inserted the track, you click and drag it all the way to the left hand side of the timeline. mactips_364_7.png

5. Now click on the 'LOOP' icon. It looks like two arrows going in a circle. Click on it and you will see a yellow line appear above your track. mactips_364_9.png You can click and drag it to anywhere you want your ringtone to be in the song. You can shorten it and extend it by grabbing either end of it and clicking and dragging. mactips_364_11.png If you are having trouble getting the ringtone exactly where you want it to be, try turning off 'SNAP to GRID'. You can find this under the 'CONTROL MENU'.

6. Hit play and it will continuously loop wherever you have that yellow line. Use this to test. Note: As a guideline, your finished ringtone should be in the range of 7-15 seconds since it's going to loop and repeat, so try to stay within those constraints.

7. Once it's perfect, it's time to 'Export' it. If you want to export it to an iPhone, it's Simple. Simply go to the 'Share'menu and choose 'Send Ringtone To iTunes' and the next time you sync your iPhone, it will be added to your ringtone collection. mactips_364_12.png If you want to export it as an MP3, it requires a couple more steps. To do it, go to the menu and choose 'SHARE -> EXPORT SONG TO DISK' Add a checkmark next to 'Compress' Choose 'Compress using MP3 Encoder' from the drop down menu and choose 'HIGH QUALITY for the Audio Settings. Next, click on 'Export'. mactips_364_13.png When the dialog box appears, I recommend you save it to your desktop and name it something descriptive. You also might want to make sure there are no spaces in the name, as I've seen some phone that don't deal with that very well. Example: 'Giveitaway-ring'

8. Move it to your phone. Now if you are using something other than an iPhone, you need to move your MP3 ringtone to your phone. Check your user manual or the Howard Forums for info on how to do this. You may be able to use a bluetooth connection and use 'Bluetooth File Exchange' on your Mac. If your phone or Mac doesn't have bluetooth, then you will need to use a USB cable. Good luck!