Create Printer Pools - Mac Tips Daily! #366

print.pngListen to this Episode Do you have multiple users and shared printers connected to your Mac? Perhaps you are like me and have a laser printer and also a color inkjet connected. This is useful, but If someone in your house or office is trying to print a large document, you might not want to wait for that to finish. The solution is to create a Printer Pool, which will simply print to the first available printer. How to do it: 1. 'System Preferences -> Print & Fax' 2. Select the printers you want to use by holding down 'Command' and 'Clicking' on them.

mactips_366_1.png 3. Click on 'Create Printer Pool' and assign it a name of your choice. mactips366_2.png Get a FREE Audio Book from Audible audible.png 4. Enable Sharing so others users on your network can use your printer. (only applicable if you want others to use your printer) mactips_366_3.png 5. If you want others to use it, you will need to make sure that 'Printer Sharing' is enabled in System Preferences -> Sharing (OS X Leopard). mactips_366_6.png 6. When you want to print to the first available printer, simply choose your new Printer Pool from the Print dialog box. You can even make it the default printer choice if you would like.