Create MP3 CDs - Mac Tips Daily! #346

itunes.pngListen to this Episode If you have a consumer CD player at home or in your car that will play CDs with MP3 audio files on them, you can create discs to use right from iTunes. The advantage of this is you can only fit about 70 minutes of music on a standard CD, but if you create an MP3 Cd, you can add usually around 150 songs or so, depending on how big the music files are. This tip only works for MP3 files, and not other types, such as WMA or AAC files.

How to do it:

1. Open iTunes and create a playlist with the MP3 files you want on your CD. 2. Ensure that your playlist doens't go over 650MB in size (or whatever the capacity is of your blank CD). Check by looking at the bottom of the iTunes screen with your playlist selected. mactips_345_3.png

3. Go to iTunes -> Preferences mactips_345_1.png 4. Select ADVANCED and click on the BURNING tab. Set your disc type to MP3 and click on OK. mactips_345_2.png 5. Click on the playlist you want to burn and verify that all of the songs have Checkmarks next to them. mactips_345_5.png 6. Click on BURN MP3 CD at the bottom right of the iTunes window. Insert your blank disc when prompted. Note: Use CD-R if you want to use it in a Stereo. CD-R or CD-RW will work with most computers. mactips_345_4.png Now you can insert your new disc into a CD player that is compatible with MP3 files and start listening to your new disc.