Create iChat Groups - Mac Tips Daily! #369

Listen to this Episode! ichatav.pngIf you use iChat AV with the Mac you may have seen the option to Create groups when you add a buddy. This is extremely useful for sorting out large groups of contacts. For example, I have groups such as Friends, Family, Mac Tips Daily contacts, Cell Phones, Work, and more. This is really helpful for me to find the person I want to IM. I have about 40 contacts that I IM with so these groups are wonderful. How to do it: 1. Open iChat 2. Click on the '+' sign and choose 'ADD GROUP'. mactips+369_1.png 3. Enter a group name and click on 'ADD'. mactips_369_1.png 3. Now sort your contacts by drag and dropping them into the groups you created. mactips_369_3.png That's all there is to it!