Burn to CD or DVD on Mac - Mac Tips Daily! #351

BurningIcon.pngListen to this episode Burning files and folders on the Mac is very easy. There are several ways to do it, but if you just need to quickly burn some items to disc, here is a quick and easy way.

How to do it:

1. Use the Finder and navigate to the folder or file you would like to burn. Once you have found it, click on it one time to select it. If you have multiple items, hold down COMMAND and click on each individual file or folder. mactips_351_3.png 2. Go to the Finder menu and choose 'File -> Burn' .. and then you will see the name or number of items to burn. mactips_351_4.png 3. OS X Will prompt you to insert a blank disc, and it will tell you how much capacity you need on that disk to burn the selected items. Note: if you already have a blank disc inserted, OS X will not show you this message. mactips_351_1.png 4. Once you insert the disc you will be asked to title the disc and select your desired speed. When you are done, click on BURN. mactips_351_2.png Be prudent when it comes to this. You don't want to waste a blank disc on burning just one file. It's best to have a folder full of items and then burn it that way. However, this is a quick and dirty way to get your content to a CD or DVD quickly. 5. When the burning is done, your disc will be shown with an icon on your desktop. Then you can simply eject it and use a sharpie to label it.