Assign Apps to Spaces - Mac Tips Daily! #363

spaces.pngListen to this Episode If you are running OS X Leopard and you use the Spaces feature, you can make application open automatically in it's pre-defined space. For example, you could have Garage Band open in Space # 4, or Parallels open in Space #2. Let's get to it: 1. Open 'System Preferences' mactips_363_1.png 2. Choose 'Expose & Spaces


mactips_363_2.png 3. Select the 'SPACES' tab. Note: Notice that there is a section of that window that shows Application Assignments and it's associated space. mactips_363_3.png 4. Click on the '+' symbol and then a dialog box will open up you applications window. Choose the App that you want to assign a space for. mactips_363_4.png Get a FREE Audio Book from Audible lifestyle_t1_image.jpg 5. Under the Space assignment, click on the drop down menu and choose the space you want it to open into. mactips_363_7.png You're Done! Now you can close your System Preference window and the next time you start the app, it will open in your predefined space.