Aggregate Safari RSS Feeds - Mac Tips Daily! #360S

Listen to this episode safari.png 1. Open Safari 2. Click on the Bookmark icon to open your bookmarks. 3. Select the '+' sign. When you do this, it created an 'untitled folder' Go ahead and rename it to something more description. In this example, I called it 'MyRSS Stuff'.

mactips_360_2.png mactips_360_3.png Get a FREE Audio Book from Audible audible.png 4. Drag and drop RSS feed bookmarks into this new folder. You will know they are RSS feeds by seeing the blue RSS icon next to them. mactips_360_5.png 5. Now in the left hand column, click on either the Bookmarks Bar or Bookmarks menu and then drag the folder to the right hand column. It's your preference on where you want to put it, but I usually use the Bookmarks Bar, simply for easy access. mactips_360_4.png 6. Control Click (or right click) on the bookmark folder you created, and you should see an option that says 'View all RSS Articles. If you saved your folder to the Bookmark Bar, you can click on it and you will see several RSS feeds in it. At the bottom of the list, choose 'View All RSS Articles'. mactips_360_6.png 7. Now your selected feeds are aggregated into one viewing pane, and you can sort and search them with the navigation on the right side of the window. mactips_360_7.png