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Review: Proporta Wallaby iPod Wallet

Have you ever wanted to keep your cash with your tunes? The new Wallaby iPod Wallet will allow you to do just that. It's a high quality handmade leather wallet witha a dash of style for the iPod Nano lover.

If features 5 compartments plus one additional one for your iPod Nano (4g). If features an all handmade black leather exterior which is accented by green stitching around the parameter.

You can comfortably fit your debit cards into the inside compartments, but it offers no long conpartments to keep fully extended currency. I think this had to be omitted to enable you to have a spot to wrap your iPod earbuds around. While I like that option, I'd rather have a spot to keep my cash extended, instead of being folded. Also omitted is an identification window for your license or student ID. This is a basic feature found in all wallets, and should have been included in this one.

This wallet was clearly engineered around the iPod slot inside. It's a great little wallet and finely constucted, however, for most people I don't know how practical it is to use it as a case for their iPod. Do you really want to pull your wallet out everytime you want to turn your iPod up or down? Pulling it out of the case is also a hassle, as it's not quick and easy to pull it out and put it back in. Also, I am not sure how many people want to sit on their iPod & earbuds when they are wrapped around the wallet. Luckily for me, I keep my wallet in my front pocket, but you could shirt, coat, or bag.

Overall I think the wallet is a great idea, and it's a decent wallet. Using it for an iPod case / wallet, not so much.

- Stylish

- Need to open wallet to use iPod

Proporta Wallaby iPod Wallet
Exclusively sold by Skooba Designs in the USA

Price: $36.95 USD


Review: Speck's PixelSkin iPhone 3G case

The Speck PixelSkin is a great silicone iPhone 3G case. It fits neatly on the phone and lends a nice sense of my iPhone having protection. Here's a closer look. Overview This case is made of a silky feeling silicone. It has a tiled pattern covering the entire case. It is thick enough to add a bit of bulk. There are cut-outs for the speakers/charging port, earphone jack, silence button and camera. The home, volume and sleep buttons are covered and marked with specialized bumps. The case covers the rim and front enough to feel secure in place. The tiled pattern gives a comfortable tactile feeling to the case. This silicone seems a bit more resistant to lint than most. The tiled pattern does give more lint collection spaces. Still the silicone is easily rinsed. The tile pattern also gives the case a bit more cushion than some other silicone cases. It feels very comfortable to grip. It slips on the phone very easily. Details Speck's PixelSkin has a decent range of colors. This case is available in black, pink, white, yellow, green, purple and blue. The colors are modeled after food, i.e mint, blueberry and so on. This silicone is not the translucent kind, so the colors are very strong. Unfortunately, there are no accessories to speak of for this case. Where some cases come with a set of screen protectors, the PixelSkin does not come with any screen protectors. Of course, it does not interfere with most protectors. There isn’t a separately sold belt or car clip to fit it. At $24.99, this case is a bit steeper than most silicone cases. Conclusion: This skin has a soft, yet solid feel to it. It fits the iPhone 3G nicely. The color assortment is great. Even at a higher price point than some, I personally prefer this iPhone case for my own use. 4 out of 5 by sheala

Review: DLO's Jam Jacket for iPhone 3G

jamjacket Here’s a look at the Jam Jacket for iPhone 3G. I like my silicon cases. I like them, because the iPhone is slippery and I’m not always paying attention. So I like to know that I have a better chance of keeping my fingers on my phone and that if I do drop it, there’s a little protection built in. First Glance: So this Jam Jacket from DLO is pretty sweet for those requirements. The silicone wraps around the front edges of the phone. That is enough to keep the case on very secure, but not detract from the look of the phone. It covers all the buttons except the silence button. Even the home button is covered; it has a 3-d square to mark it. The volume and sleep buttons also have bumps in the case to match. It has openings for the charger/speakers, headphones and camera. I found the opening for the silence button a bit small for my fingers, which are not big. I often flipped the corner off to hit the silence button, until I used a nail scissor to trim the opening a bit larger. The silicone has a nice grip to it. The back, top and bottom are smooth. The top and bottom have molded areas to allow the DLO belt clip to fit. Though if you don’t use the clip, the case still looks stylish. The sides have a real nice bumpy texture, to help with holding the phone in your hand. Small Details Like most silicone cases, this one will attract lint if you stick it in your pocket. That is one of the trade offs for silicone cases. This case has a great tactile texture to grip. So you can get a good hold on it but, you may want to rinse the lint off, every so often, if you carry your phone in a dusty pocket. This case comes in clear, pink, blue and black. It also comes with 3 full front Surface Shield covers and the tools to put them on. The plastic shields have earpiece and home button holes cut into them. They protect the front without interfering with the touch screen. The Jam Jacket costs $19.99. The belt clip, which doubles as a car vent mount for hands free use, costs $24.99. An extra pack of 5 Surface Shields cast $14.99. Conclusion: This is a good silicone case for the iPhone 3G. It has a good form factor, a reasonable price and useful accessories. By sheala

Review: Case-Mate Signature Leather Case for IPhone

Case-mate Leather The case for review is the Signature Series Leather Case for iPhone 3G. I think about two things when I’m looking at an iPhone case. Those things are functionality and form. Basic Info- This case is available in red or black. It’s made of a hardened plastic covered in smooth texture Napa leather. It’s a nice looking case. The stitching is hidden and the inside lining is a smooth nylon. The design allows plenty of room for iPhone buttons and ports. The front panel of the iPhone is thinly bordered by the case. It is very lightweight, but doesn’t feel insubstantial. Like many of the open cases on the market, it comes with a clear film screen protector. A Bit Closer- In terms of functionality, this case does the job. It provides good cover for the iPhone, it leaves the iPhone easy to use and it does this without getting in the way. Because of the plastic hardened leather, it can be difficult to slip the iPhone into the case; of course this means it won’t slip out easily either. This may also be the reason the the top provides very little coverage. With the sleep button and the audio jack, there isn’t much that could be covered at the top of the iPhone, so this case leaves the entire area open. All in all, this case passes the functionality test. I worry it might not pass the drop test, if the phone lands on it’s head. The main screen is covered by a standard plastic protector. The case comes with a screen cloth and cardboard to put the protector on. It does nothing to interfere with the touch screen of the iPhone, but adds a nice layer of protection. Case-mate Leather set Some Nice Details- The case is a good looking case. The Napa leather is smooth and soft. It feels comfortable in the hand. The cutouts are a good balance of necessity and design. It’s a very sleek looking case, in black the case looks subtle and in red it looks dynamic. The leather also feels like it has enough traction, to take away the bit of nervous I know I get when handling the iPhone naked. This case also has a matching holster. The holster comes in black and red and has a rotating belt clip. It can be bought separately or in a set. The iPhone fits into the holster face inwards. Buy the case from the Cast-Mate website, means you also get free personalization. Conclusion: All in all if you're looking for a dressy case for your iPhone, this would be a pretty good choice. It feels hefty, without being bulky. I'd love to see a bit more protection at the top, but I suspect not everyone is as concerned about that as I am. And maybe a color choice of brown. Matching the case with a holster is a bonus. 4.5 out of 5 by sheala

Review: Universal Privacy Screen Pro by Case-Mate

Up for review is the Universal Privacy Screen Pro. This is a static cling polymer film that covers your iPhone (or any portable electronic device) display to give you privacy while viewing your phone. While there are several brands, this particular one is from Case-Mate. How It Works- This protector, goes on as easy as most screen protection. It has a patterned texture printed in it designed to add privacy to your iPhone screen from any nosy co-workers etc. While it gives you privacy, it also gives you a perfect view of your iPhone from the front. This screen protector shields your screen at a 45 degree angle from all sides. This is actually a tighter space than some other brands, giving you more protection. This product comes with a cleaning cloth, graph paper (for measuring) and one of those little cardboard pieces to smooth the protector down once it’s on the screen. One great thing about this protector is it’s easy to install. It’s a little stiffer than the standard protector and easily peels off for adjustment. It has static cling, making it very secure once it’s on for good. The Privacy Screen for the iPhone is 2” by 3”. This product is also found in sizes for other phones, or can be easily cut to fit any size screen. How Does It Look- I have to say, before I put this on my iPhone to try it out, I never considered the idea that privacy would be a good idea for me. If I used my iPhone for tracking some finance stuff I would certainly have privacy shields on my phone. The screen is really remarkable. I found it did not interfere with my being able to see the screen during any normal usage. The touch abilities were also not affected. It is hardly noticeable on the iPhone, until looking at the display from an angle. It is not recommended for use it with other screen protectors, particularly the armor variety. It did actually work over my regular screen cover. Of course, it also provides protection as well as privacy. Conclusion: This is a super product at a good price. It offers protection and privacy, is easy to install and doesn't detract from regular iPhone use. I wouldn't mind seeing a fuller size protector, so the entire glass front of the phone is covered. 4.5 out of 5 by sheala