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Review: Type Drawing - Lovely Drawing with Letters

For those of you who spend any time on social networks like Twitter you've probably come across a link sending you to view artwork created with letters and words. It's all the rage at the moment and it's officially know as 'Type Drawing'. So popular is it that there are entire websites dedicated to it, and even a dedicated Flick group. So of course it just stands to reason that there should be an iPhone app as well.

Meet 'Type Drawing' the little application that can make artists of us all. For $0.99 I couldn't resist trying it out. It's very simple and easy to use and depending on how creative your mind is could fill many an empty moment. Plus it's one of those applications that if you find it's not for you the kids are guaranteed to make good use of it.

When you turn it on first you are given on option of backgrounds to draw on, the choices being from coffee stained notepaper to your own photos. You can also take an image with your camera and use that as a background on which to draw upon which is a really nice feature. Next are fonts, nine of which to choose from. There are several selections to make in the font section from type of font, size, color and transparency. Your final choice are the letters or words you want to use. None of these choices need to be made in any particular order and can be changed mid-drawing which is a plus. 


Once the technical bit is done it's time to have a little fun. Simply slide your finger over the screen and words will appear as if paint from your fingertip. It is also at this stage that I'd like to thank the developers for the multiple undo button. Without that I think I would have thrown it in the corner within the first few minutes.

I had great fun playing around and experimenting with it. I can't say I created any masterpieces but it's definitely an app that's going to stay on my phone.

By Annette Q Benkie (

Type Drawing

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