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Review: Shazam - Music tagging

Have you ever been listening to the radio and really end up liking a sound, but not know what is was? I think anyone who listens to radio has had this happen to them. Most of us mutter a curse to ourselves and move on with our lives, but now with an iPhone or second generation iPod Touch we can find out what we are actually listening to. 
Shazam for the iPhone is a free music tagging application and has been on the top iPhone application list a while for a very good reason. This handle little application allows you to stick your iPhone up to just about any source, whether it be computer, TV, radio, or whatever, record a few seconds of a song, and then identify it. Upon discovering what song it is you are treated to the author, album title, label, album artwork, and other useful bits of information. 
One very interesting feature that came out around the time of the iPhone 3.0 software was the ability to geo-tag your music labels. Beforehand you could keep multiple tracks in your Shazam library, but now you can pull up a Google map of where you were approximately when you tagged a particular song. For me this feature is somewhat useless, but kind of cool and worth noting. I could imagine that some people make use of this feature though. 
Along with the ability to find out what music you are listening to Shazam will also give a direct link to both the iTunes store and Youtube application for music videos. The application lets you share tracks via email and Twitter as well as view the lyrics or “discrography” of an artist. All of these features are great, but the best thing about this application is that is fast. You can boot up Shazam in seconds and tag that song you want to know the name of. Shazam is also very accurate; so far I have not found many songs on the radio that it will not recognize. So, again, Shazam is free and completely worth your download. I suggest you run over to your nearest iPhone and download this application if you have not already.  
Shazam on iPhone