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Review: PhotoFrame - Make Your iPhone A Digital Photo Frame

Want something more than black staring back at you when your iPhone goes to sleep? Do you love to show off your photos, or how about showing products from your companies latest range. Then this application could for you.

PhotoFrame turns your iPhone into a digital photo frame. Not only that, as well as rotating through your photos it also displays the time, day and date on your screen, so if you're non watch wearing it does away with having to wake your phone to check the time on a regular basis.

It's interface is clean and easy to use, and PhotoFrame comes loaded with some attractive images to get you started. Customization is easy if not entirely clear at first. There's no icon for setting the preferences nor are the preferences in general settings. It was just by pressing the screen that I discovered clicking on the date the preference panel appears.

As I said customization is easy as there are only two settings to choose from. Slideshow speed and your images from which you can add up to 20 from your iPhone photo library and that's it, you're done.

The application also supports shake to shuffle images and if you want to speed up the slideshow you can flick through the images by touching them with your finger.

The downsides; it has to be manually started each time you want it to start up. It would be a nice fix in the next upgrade if you could get it to start automatically, and it's a bit of a killer on your battery life. I spend my time turning off everything so  I can save battery life, so do I really want to turn on something that's going to drain it more?

That aside, I do like the app and use it from time to time.

If you love your photos and like to show them off it's worth a dollar to you.

By: AQBenkie (