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Review: Pebbles - Addictive Puzzle Game

Pebbles, from Objective Development Software, is a puzzle with easy and extremely difficult levels.  This game is highly addictive (for those addictive personality types) and for people who love puzzles that will keep you entertained for hours.

The objective is to empty the playing field by throwing a pebble from the border onto the board so that it touches a pebble of the same color, thus making it, and all pebbles of the same color surrounding it, disappear.  The shelf above the board will show you the color pebble that will replace the one you throw.  You must plan your moves to help you succeed at clearing the playing field.  Each time you clear the field you start over with the addition of another pebble, each level continues to 30 pebbles.

Once you complete these levels, you increase the number of pebble colors.  So in the first level, you only have 2 different color pebbles, the more difficult levels begin around 6 different stone colors.  You must plan your moves carefully and in advance to clear the boards.  A nice feature is that you do not have to save your game.  If you get interrupted during game play, you can answer the call, type the email, go to any app by pressing the home button, or just turn off the phone and the game will resume exactly where you left off.

Pebbles has great little sound effects for throwing the pebbles and telling you when you can not throw a pebble. If you enjoy a challenge and have a strategic puzzle solving mind I highly recommend this game.  There is a free mac version available on Objective Development's website, which is decent at showing you what the game is about, however it is not as good as the iphone version as you have no strategic planning of future moves.
If you have any question about whether you will enjoy this game or not, take a look at the quicktime demo on their website.


By Corey A. Serrins (The MacCore)

Pebbles by Objective Development

Full Version $2.99