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Review: PDF Expert - PDF Viewer & Wireless File Storage


This week Readdle released their latest application: PDF Expert. The application essentially turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a wireless disk utility with advanced PDF capabilities. PDF Expert is the little brother to Readdle’s Readdledocs application with the same underlying technology and user interface, but a master’s degree in PDFs. The wireless disk technology is the same as Readdledocs, which requires that you have a wireless network to access the iPhone with. I hope one day to be able to transfer data over bluetooth, but currently now iPhone application allows you to do this. This feature works well enough, but just be sure that your iPhone is on the same network your computer is on or you will not be able to connect to the application.

Organizing Files is very easy.

The file viewer is created for viewing PDFs, but supports a variety of formats including photos, videos, office documents, and more. You can organize your content into folders and it allows you to email anything you have stored on the iPhone. What really makes PDF Expert really nice is that it allows you to access password protected PDFs as well as search text in PDFs, which is amazingly useful. Like Readdledocs you can bookmark any part of a document as well as view the document full-screen, devoid of any menus or the iPhone’s status bar. The application is nice in that it handles even large PDF files well with less lag than the iPhone’s built-in viewer. You can copy portions of a PDF to be pasted elsewhere on the iPhone, but this feature only works for text. This feature itself is very nice and in my opinion makes this application very, very handy, especially if you can make your own PDFs (Cough, cough any OS X user).

PDF Expert gives you plenty of tools to manipulate PDFs

PDF Expert does have the ability to email files up into Readdle’s own storage solution, which you get 512MB of free storage when you buy the application. I honestly do not recommend you use this; rather I just suggest using some other online file storage service such as Dropbox, Live Mesh, or MobileMe. It is not that they online service does not work, it is just that are much better solutions out there with much more free storage and their online storage web interface is pretty awful. Other than Readdle’s propriety storage I cannot think of anything to complain about with this application. The ability to access Webdav servers like MobileMe’s iDisk would have been nice, but I suppose that you should just check out Readdledocs or Onedisk for that. Overall though I really like this application and hope that the features eventually move over to other Readdle products. The advanced PDF capabilities of this application make it extremely useful if you are looking for a good way to view and pull information from PDFs. This application is handy and I recommend it to anyone who needs to manipulate PDFs on the go. PDF Expert by Readdle is available in the app store today for $4.99

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PDF Expert

Full Version: $4.99