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Review: LineUp - Line 'Em Up & Knock 'Em Off - Addictive

A new game that has taken over my iPhone free time is LineUp by Labpixes. I'm addicted to it at the moment. 

It's a simple game in theory, knock off three or more squares of the same color to stop the blocks reaching the top. You have 100 clicks to do this and if your score reaches 1000 you'll get 100 more clicks/taps but if you run out of taps before reaching that 1000 score then sorry but game over. That's where thought comes into the game. Rather than just mindless clicking, allowing the color blocks to build up accumulates more points but as the game progresses the blocks also move faster and faster raising the skill level. 

Playing Tip;
beware clicking aimlessly at the screen because even if you're not racking up points with each tap you're depleting your tap tally score or not. Also, the diamond shape that appears on the screen, use it wisely and sparingly. Think of it as your 'get out of jail card'. This symbol deletes one row up and across but doesn't add to your score. So if used unwisely could loose you valuable scoring blocks. Remember without three blocks together of the same color you can't knock them off.

LineUp is free and unlike some free games is a full version game. 


LineUp Pro

The pro version of this game offers the ability to pause the game if a call or text comes in which I really like and for me is worth the cost alone. You can also choose from four block designs and the advertising at the top of the game has been removed. So no major upgrades between the free and paid versions but for a game that’s given me so much fun I didn’t think twice when deciding to spend the 99¢ to purchase LineUp Pro. 

LineUp & LineUp Pro by LabPixes

LineUp - Free

LineUp Pro - 99¢

By Annette Quirke Benkie