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Review: Knights Onrush - Defend your castle game

Very few video games adsorb my attention like Knights Onrush does for the iPhone. This little iPhone gem is only a few dollars and has provided hours of enjoyment for me. The game is part-stick-wars and possesses the polish of games like Fieldrunners. Your appointed task is to defend your castle from droves of enemies assaulting your gates. You begin the game with merely your finger and your stamina, but as the game does have a plethora of upgrades that open up as you play. You get various ways to defend your castle and destroy your enemies with the likes of fireballs, boulders, and dragon sacrifice alters (With accompanying dragons devouring your enemies).

Knights Onrush possesses a polish that is rare for an iPhone game. The graphics are bright and reminiscent of an old freshly animated cartoon. The sound is great with a variety of sounds coming from your defeated enemies. The sound entertains, but for better or worse draw some attention to you as I have found as people came from across the office during my lunch break to ask what I was playing.

Speaking of death the game is a little bloody with the on-screen sprites falling apart in little red messes. This is by no means a detriment, but just a warning for any parents that the game does display some digital plasma on the screen.

There is a free version of this game you can play Endless Siege on, but if you opt to purchase the full version you will get a lengthy Campaign mode and Madness mode. Endless Siege mode is, as the name implies, endlessly pits you against wave of enemies. Madness mode is like Endless Siege mode, but a little more ridiculous with the amount of enemies that it pits against you.

I suggest that if you immediately pick up this game unless you value your time. This game is polished, simple, and loads of fun. I really love this game because you can easily fill two minutes of waiting in line at the store or play on your coach for hours.

By: Hunt Henning (

Knights Onrush

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