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Review: Birdhouse - Twitter Application

Very rarely does an application leave so many users dumbfound and confused even after an its own introduction video. One such application is Birdhouse, which is described by the developer as “ A notepad for Twitter”. After spending a few days with Birdhouse I was surprised to find myself using the application quiet often.

I guess the first major question is: “What exactly does Birdhourse do?”. Well, the application is actually simpler than many realize. Basically Birdhouse is a glorified notepad for your thoughts. You open the application, joint down an idea, rate it, and then decide if you want to publish it to Twitter at the moment. That’s basically it. You can rate tweets (or twoots as the video calls them), sort them by rating or date created, and publish them to and from Twitter. Even the options are simple, you basically have support for multiple accounts and then have the option to type in your email address so you can back up tweets via email.

The next major question is “Why should I buy this application?”. Well, it really depends on what kind of person you are. Birdhouse is meant to be an accessory application, not a main Twitter application. It serves primarily as an idea pad. If you like your tweets to be prolific, the buy it period. Personally, I have found that when I have a question I want to ask my Twitter friends (Officially called “Followers”) I would open Birdhouse, type in the basic gist of my idea, and close the application. After playing with Birdhouse I believe it can be best described as an idea pad. If you want a nice application that lets you organize your ideas, rate them, and share them with your friends than Birdhouse is a great choice.

This application is not for everyone.  If you want a good, full-featured Twitter client you will be sorely disappointed. There is no ability to easily reply, favorite, or direct message tweets and your options are extremely limited. If you want a small application, free from all the noise of the various other things going on in your life then Birdhouse is your application. Birdhouse is basically a place to refine your own Tweets on the busy little device that if your iPhone. Part idea pad, part-Twitter, and part-self-improvement application Birdhouse is certainly an interesting little grab. I personally enjoy the application and will continue to use it in the coming months. I would watch the online video and if you are still, kind of, or sorta ,remotely interested in the application, even if only a little bit, I would seriously consider buying Birdhouse. It is a solid application that I have grown to love like my own little tweet factory, my Birdhouse essentially.

By: Hunt Henning (


Full Version: $2.99