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Review: BeejiveIM 3.0 - Multi-client Chat App with Push support

BeejiveIM 3.0 finally delivers a push notification chat client in a very nice way. The application was already a very polished multi-client IM solution in version 2.0 and the newest version really makes the interface shine and increases the overall stability. You have the options to send and receive photos as well as send audio clips.


Beejive IM works with many popular IM services such as AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Facebook, and MySpace. You can chat with multiple people at one time over several IM networks simultaneously with virtually no slowdown. One nice, but often overlooked feature is that you can have multiple statuses at one time. If you do not want to talk to your buddies from a particular service you can easily opt to log off of just one service and leave the others active.


Other the previously mentioned features Beejive IM gives you the ability to chat with a landscape keyboard. This is really nice because it really speeds up your ability to chat with multiple people. You can switch chats by taping the top and selecting your buddies or by enabling the shake-to-switch feature. The application comes with several nice built-in backgrounds and you can always apply your own from your iPhone’s photo roll, which is a nice touch.


BeejiveIM is well worth your money because it provides a seamless chatting experience that nothing else on App store can match right now. I use it everyday and am very happy I purchased the application. 

BeejiveIM 3.0 with Push

Full version: $15.99