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Review: AP Mobile - News on the go

If you want to stay up-to-date on news, AP Mobile is definitely an application to check out.

On the first run of this news application you are prompted to enter your location and then to choose what type of news categories you would like to be delivered to your iphone, such as: Top News, Local, Technology, Sports, Showbiz, US News, Wacky and a whole lot more. The ones I mentioned are on by default, and you can turn them off if you like. All other categories are off, and as you browse through them, you can turn on any category for which you would like to receive news.

Once finished with selecting options you are brought to the Front Page, to which you have access to all the news you selected, as well as Photos and Videos from AP. The front page by default presents two articles from each category in the order that was presented from the customization page. Each section has a "More..." button so that you can look at additional headlines from that category. At the top of front page, you can look at Photos of the Day or Videos of the Day. In photos of the day, you can look at an index of all the photos from that day, then by pressing on one picture, you can view it full screen. From here you can view a slideshow, go to previous or next photos, click on the "i" button for information pertaining to the photo or you can save any of the pictures into the AP Favorites so that you can view it at anytime. Videos can also be viewed by choosing it from the Front Page. After watching a video, you can rank it. With both videos and photos you can text, email, twitter, or Facebook a link to the object.

Along the bottom edge of the AP Mobile app are different options to use, Front Page, Local, Categories, Weather and then More... More allows you to search news articles, look at your saved pictures from AP Mobile, customize settings, and to send news, tips and photos to AP. The settings section allows you to change how many articles for each category appear on your front page, the text size of the articles, connecting with Facebook or Twitter, sending feedback, news, or photos and changing the units of tempature.


AP Mobile also has push notifications. You can find this setting under the iPhone Settings (not AP Settings) and the Notifications>AP Mobile. You can choose to have sounds, alerts or badges as push notification messages. The problem here is that you can't indicate in anyway, what you want pushed. I get about one news notification a day, but I'm uncertain what category it comes from and what determines how or when I get a notification. So far I'm completely disappointed in this feature in AP Mobile, but I'm hoping that because push notification is so new, AP Mobile hasn't had the opportunity to take advantage of it at this point and that they have plans to implement more options than those currently provided.

Overall, I rate this application high because of its freeware status, the variety of different news categories, the customization of those options, and its quick load time of news articles. Until AP improves its push notification options though, this application will remain a rating of 4.


AP Mobile - Associated Press