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Review: AddressBookSync - Facebook Pictures in your Address Book

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Have a Facebook account? How would you like to sync up your contacts pictures with their corresponding pictures from their Facebook profile. It's easy to do -- with AddressBookSync.

To use this app, you simply launch it, authorize it to look at your Facebook account and then select the contacts you want to sync. There are two tabs to choose from. Matched (contacts that seem to be a proper match) and Unmatched (contacts that you may not be Facebook friends of, or for some reason it couldn't detect them as a match).

Remove a checkmark from any contact you don't want synced and then choose 'Sync to Address Book'.

It does it's syncing and now you can open Address Book and you should see pictures with your matched contacts.  Pretty cool.

According tot he developer, Facebook doesn't allow syncing of email addresses or phone numbers, so you will need to add these manually.

Excellent little app,  it's free, and it works with OS X Lion. Unfortunately it's not available in the app store, but you can download it here.

Tmr4 75