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Review: Agent 18 Cases for iPhone and iPad

Here we are and it's time to review new iPhone cases for a whole new phone design. Along with that we have iPad cases and many companies, such as Agent 18 are venturing to make both. In fact Agent 18 makes cases for iPods and the MacBook Air as well. I got a couple of cases (an iPhone 4 and an iPad) to test out.

What's To Like About These Cases

First, Agent 18's cases are made of this great, lightweight silicon. It has a nice feel to it, a bit like the suede of silicon. It's pliable and easy to put on your iDevice. When I first read the packaging and information, I was surprised to see the anti-static lint repellant marking. Sure everyone says that about their case, but we all know that it may be true but it tends not to last. I actually found these cases difficult to get dirty. I carry my iPhone 4 in my pocket. I have very linty pockets. One day I ended up with a pair that must have endure a washed tissue in the pocket. I pulled out my phone the first time and thought aha! I blew the lint off and it came clean. I've carried the iPhone case for a couple of weeks and it still looks new.

One of the reasons I like the rubbery cases (as opposed to hard shell) is that I tend to have slippery hands and I like the grip that the silicon gives. Even so I did drop my phone a couple of times with a resulting dull thud. No damage was done to my phone, so these cases are certainly satisfying the protection aspect of their job. They certainly make the slick iDevices easier to hold on to as well. 

They are perfectly cut for all of the buttons and jacks on their respective iDevice. No buttons or jacks are hard to reach. The general fit feels good, even with what some consider the awkward squareness of the iPhone 4. Many of the cases by Agent 18 come with some kind of design. The designs are decorative and also add a bit of texture and padding to the back of the device they are covering. Having a case on the iPhone (or iPad) also provides a bit of insulation from the heat they generate.

Let's talk about one feature that is pretty great. For the iPhone 4 cases, Agent 18 includes a tiny metal stand, they call it a Travel Stand, as a bonus. You can sit your iPhone in it (landscape only) and leave it on the table while watching videos. it's simple and sturdy and a nice little extra. I don't know if I would consider it portable for everyday use, since it's a V of metal that has to be carried around. Still it's a neat thing to have on your desk or stick in a briefcase for use when you need it.

There is one last thing that I really like about Agent 18's cases; that is the packaging. The packaging is very green, about half of it is recycled cardboard and the other half is recyclable plastic. The packaging also seems kept to a minimum by design. In general, they are a company trying to be green and working on other cases along those lines. 

 Is There Anything Not To Like?

Are there any issues with these cases I've been using for a couple of weeks? I have noticed that when I take my iPhone out of my pocket, that occasionally a corner of the case will slip off the front (not all the way off). To be fair, I have notice this with other cases as well. These cases are cut streamlined, so they have a wrap around the edges that is narrower than some. This may also be the new square design or it may be that these cases are not the super heavy and stiff like some others are. Personally, it's not some something that would make me trade it in.

The only other possible detractor is the limit in designs available. Agent 18 has choices between dark and austere or colorful and fun. I could find one I like in both areas, though you might not find one you like, still I would urge you to try. I also have gotten many compliments on the HeartVest iPhone case, since I've been sporting it. 


Pricing Info

The price seems to be typical for a well designed case. The iPhone 4 case is $29.95, the FlowerVest iPad case is $39.95. In addition to that, they have a competitor buy back program, that will give you credit on a new case. This is also part of their customer satisfaction plan. In addition, their customer satisfaction plan includes a 2 year limited warranty.