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Review: LoopBag Transit Notebook Bag

Sturdy and stylish come to mind as good adjectives for the ‘Transit notebook bag’ from Loop Bags. I had the opportunity to test out the 15” notebook bag for the last month and overall it’s been a quite good experience.

The initial external impression of this bag is an attractive color and styling that looks and feels quite large.  The fabric is an ‘Airgaurd’ waterproof nylon fabric that feels strong and rugged. The detachable shoulder strap has a solid feel and enough neoprene padding to keep the bag comfortable on your shoulder for typical transport times. The strap is adjustable and has a solid metal strap adjuster that should last the life of the bag.

There are external pockets on either side of the bag that can hold odds and end but there are no internal pockets or storage areas, just one full opening. On my test bag, I actually found the zippers attractive, as they are large and metal, but have an easy to handle rubber grip with the ‘Loop’ logo on them.  On the outer pockets, I found opening them difficult and they never seemed to quite loosen up. Frequently they would snag and that kind of left me cold.

The two main internal compartments had no such issues with the zippers, and were quite roomy inside. The main compartment where you store your notebook was functional and had plenty of room for a 15” notebook with a little more room to move. Connected to the same compartment is a place for folders, documents, magazines, etc. which featured more than enough room for my needs. On the outside of this sleeve was some sewn in fabric that you could store some other things such as pens, erasers, etc. However, there were no zippers to keep items from falling out, and the pockets are fairly shallow. Frequently when I would load these area up, I’d end up fishing things out of the bottom of the bag, so I ultimately ended up not using the accessory pockets in the main compartment.

Inside this compartment opposite the notebook sleeve is one zippered mesh compartment, which is shallow, but the construction of this compartment is much better than the others.

The other inside compartment features a deep zippered compartment that has plenty of room to store odds and ends with ease.  It also features a  very large area with compression straps to snug down items. For example, if you need to take a change of clothes, no problem, just pack them in, snug them down with the compression straps and you are all set.


I received a number of compliments on the fresh look of this bag. Typically you see black leather looking laptop bags, but this one looked so good I had at least three people approach me and ask about it.  With it's handsome brown color and the brushed metal zippers & adjusters, it makes people stop and look.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I really like this bag. Externally, it is definitely on par with some of the other high end bags we have tested. However, it did fall short with the shallow  compartments for accessories. I almost would have preferred they left these out or  included the pen/pencil areas in a more solidly constructed area. For the high price of this bag, I expected more. With that said, if they just fixed up a couple of small details, I could take this review from a 3.75 to a 4.5 easily. 

Product: Transit Notebook Bag from LoopBags

Price:$142 USD



- Attractive and rugged styling

- High quality metal zippers and adjusters

- Waterproof Airguard Nylon exterior 


- Internal sewn in pockets are too shallow

- Both outside pockets are difficult to open