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Review: iFrogz EarPollution CS40 Headphones - Thinkmac Reviews

Thumping bass, unique styling, and cushy earpads make the iFrogz EarPollution CS (comfort series) headphones a good choice for someone looking for a value with on the ear headphones.

Steve Sheridan and I each reviewed a pair of these on this episode of Thinkmac Reviews.  

We talked about the sound, durability, style, and compared them to some of our headphones we have on-hand.

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Running time: 15:06

My co-host is: Steve Sheridan 


These are surprisingly good sounding headphones for the price. They are a good choice for a younger non-audiophile that wants to get away from earbuds and move to something with a little more comfort and punch. At a price of $40, they are an excellent choice for casual listening or to take along in your backpack. 


- Punchy Bass

- Comfortable ear padding

- Solid construction with a rugged cord


- Highs less than spectacular, and sound muffled. Can be compensated for when you use the treble enhance in your iPod  equalizer

- No padding on the top section that rests on your head

Product: iFrogz EarPollution CS40

Price: $39.99