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Review: iFrogz MyFrogz Custom Luxe Case

iFrogz has started a new line of iPhone cases that let you customize the colors to suit your taste. Essentially it's their Luxe case, but now it's customizable.  Here is how it works. You head out to your local retailer and you purchase an Activation kit (a.k.a. a clear case and a redeemable code). They provide you with a clear case to give you something tangible to use and protect your phone until your new custom case arrives.  Once you are home and  you have your code handy you can either use the iPhone app (MyFrogz) or go to the iFrogz website and customize your case.  iFrogz sent me a redeemable code to review it, so I didn't have the opportunity to get the full experience with the clear case. 

I used the iPhone app to make my customizations and it was extremely easy.  There are two sections to the case - a top and a bottom, and you can flip through the available colors to get that perfect look for you. There were 25 colors (solid & semi-transparent) available on top and 18 solid colors on the bottom.  If you want a case  to be uniform, simply select the same color for both top and bottom.  I chose a two tone to get close to my favorite Maroon & Orange team, but they didn't offer a Maroon, so I went with Cherry Red and it was acceptable for me. If you want to be able to see your Apple logo on the rear of the phone, choose one of the semi-transparent frost colors. 

Once you have selected your colors, simply click the 'Order Now' button, confirm you delivery information and redeemable code and click confirm. My case case within 3 days via USPS mail, and I was very pleased when it arrived so quickly.

First impressions are great. The packaging looks great and even shows your name on the front, reinforcing this case was customized by YOU.

The case looked great and was extremely smooth, almost like velvet,  and felt great in the hand. Even the inside of the case has a nice touch, offering some smooth material to help prevent iPhone scratching when you slide the case on and off. 


You simply slide the iPhone into the top and bottom of the case and it locks right in place. It's a very slim form factor and doesn't feel bulky like some of the competitor cases. All of the connector areas are accessible and don't hinder you from using your 3rd party accessories. If you want to use a dock, you can simply slip off the bottom of the case. I found this not to be a big issue with the devices I tested it with, but depending on the form factor of your dock, your mileage will vary.

The Problem

I was loving this case for the first week or so, but then I started to notice small chips in the paint. I typically carry my iPhone in my pocket, and yes, occasionally there might be some coins in there, but never any car keys or other large items. I can only guess that is what was doing it. I dropped the phone once, and that made a large nick near the camera, but I did drop it.

Most of the paint chips are faintly noticeable unless you are looking for them. The camera picked them up pretty well, but unless you are looking for them in person, you don't notice the little chips as much.   


At the same time, for a case with a price on the upper end, I do expect it to perform a little better than that. I can't say for sure, but speaking with a few other people,  I think the semi-transparent frost cases might not have as much of a problem. The iFrogz folks offered a replacement, but I didn't think it was necessary, as this case is still performing fine, albeit a few cosmetic problems. 

The good news is that iFrogz will exchange the case for you. In fact, even if you don't have a problem, and you just don't like your color combo, you can exchange that for up to 10 days. You have to send it back to them, but it's a pretty easy process. 

Final Thoughts

The whole experience is really fun, especially getting the free iPhone MyFrogz app and flicking thorough the colors to make your combination. It's a really neat solution for someone that wants a unique case. Unless you are like me and chose your favorite team colors, it's likely you won't see any two-tone cases out in the wild with the exact same combinations as yours. The chipping problem is annoying, but it isn't so bad that I can't recommend this case. In fact, I recommend you download the free Myfrogz app and play around with it and see if you find a color combo that you like. 


- Unique custom case

- Lots of color combos to make it unique

- Good warranty & exchange policy


- Price on upper range of cases

- Small paint chips started appearing on my review unit

Product: iFrogz MyFrogz Custom Luxe Case

Price: $39.95

Colors: 25 colors that can be used in nearly any combination