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Review: Funtastic Photos by Ohanaware


Funtastic Photos by Ohanaware is both a photo wrangler and simple photo editor. The photo manager feels like iPhoto, while the editing features are like Picassa. Well actually Funtastic goes a bit deeper than both of those. Let’s take a closer look.

First Up: Photo Browser

The first thing you notice is that Ohanaware has smartly used Apple’s photo system. Funtastic can read the usual JPEG, PNG and GIF as well as PSD and RAW. There are ‘Quick Look’ and ‘Get Info’ buttons right on the browser window. The top bar of the browser window also has save, print and edit buttons. Along the left side of the window, the familiar list of places, including drives, folders and desktop are there for easy viewing. Highlighting one puts all the available photos and photo folders in the large viewing window. You can take a quick snap with the iSight right in the app. Funtastic Photos has included iPhoto in it’s picture indexing process. In fact in the share menu, you can export to iPhoto libraries. More about that later. The browser window is very easy to navigate, with a useful photo interface. There is even a favorites button if you need to track an often used photo. The print features are impressive. You can shoose from many scrapbook like layouts, photomosaic (using your full library), photocubes, cards and calendars.


Closer Look: Photo Editor

The biggest news of this app is that the photo editing is non destructive. That means Funtastic Photos keeps a version of your original photo, while you edit and after you’ve saved! Once you chosen a photo and clicked on the ‘Photo Edit’ button, you’re shifted into the edit window. A quick glance along the top toolbar shows us print, share, rewind, save, copy, undo, crop and rotate. With the ‘1-Click’ tab on, along the bottom, you’ll see loads of preset edit choices. If you click the ‘Advanced Options’ tab, a column pops up on the right, giving you control over some of the preset edit qualities. Funtastic lets you take a look at your photo full-screen, using Apple’s Quick Look feature.
When you’re done editing, you can save, print or share. The share choices are extensive, ranging from iPhoto, to Flickr and e-mail to Bluetooth connections.

More Details

Let’s have a quick look at some of the edit presets and general abilities of Funtastic Photos. There are the ‘Vintage Camera’ choices such as sepia tone and hand tinted. There are ‘Artistic’ choices such as pop art or colored pencils. You can do ‘Quick Fixes’ for overexposed, faded colors and such. In the ‘Romantic’ section you can add heart borders, give a dreamy or out of focus look. The ‘Ohana Favorites’ include ASCII art, old video game and ‘grumpy monkey’. There’s a ‘My Styles’ category, where you can save your styles made by editing in the Advance Options column. The copy button gives you a choice of copying the whole picture or copying the style you’ve created.

If you’re tampering with the advance options, you’ll see a list of blending options; these change the way your edits blend with the colors on the original photo. By using the advance options you can pile up the 1-click type of edits to get great combinations. You also are given access to advance features like sharpen, contrast etc. After choosing the edit feature there, you’ll see sliders, checkboxes and menu choices pop up to give you control over the individual edits. You can also toggle between the top and bottom layers to change the order in which some features take place. There are other add ons such as text, frames, textures and reflections.



The Review Part

I have to say this is a great photo editor. It has useful features for a beginner, it’s easy to learn the more advance features and it has some nice hidden gems. I love the sharing features, as well as the copy and save styles feature. Did I mention the View menu includes a ‘Before & After’ toggle, so you can compare and contrast? I think it has great Mac integration, making use of the deep Apple programming to it’s advantage. It has a good range of 1-Click styles, add ons and adjustments. Occasionally the style my seem a little cheesy at first, but after some adjust, most look pretty good.

I did find the top/bottom layer feature a bit pointless, though that may be due to my Adobe experience. When I checked out Help menu, there was a tutorial that uses the layers as part of a ‘first project’, though with little in depth explanation of various features. Still it’s easy enough to play around and see what happens. Like many smaller photo editors, you can only work on one photo at a time. Being able to save styles alleviates some of the pain of that though. If you are looking for a photo editor that kids will like, this may not be the one, as there are no warp or paint effects. This editor however caters to folks who would like to create scrapbooks or edit and catalog old family photos.


Easy, Full of Options, Non-Destructive Editing


One Photo At A Time Editing Only, Weak Help Menu



Currently Funtastic Photos is on sale for $34.99 (regularly $49.99) at Ohana's page.