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Review: Proporta Wallaby iPod Wallet

Have you ever wanted to keep your cash with your tunes? The new Wallaby iPod Wallet will allow you to do just that. It's a high quality handmade leather wallet witha a dash of style for the iPod Nano lover.

If features 5 compartments plus one additional one for your iPod Nano (4g). If features an all handmade black leather exterior which is accented by green stitching around the parameter.

You can comfortably fit your debit cards into the inside compartments, but it offers no long conpartments to keep fully extended currency. I think this had to be omitted to enable you to have a spot to wrap your iPod earbuds around. While I like that option, I'd rather have a spot to keep my cash extended, instead of being folded. Also omitted is an identification window for your license or student ID. This is a basic feature found in all wallets, and should have been included in this one.

This wallet was clearly engineered around the iPod slot inside. It's a great little wallet and finely constucted, however, for most people I don't know how practical it is to use it as a case for their iPod. Do you really want to pull your wallet out everytime you want to turn your iPod up or down? Pulling it out of the case is also a hassle, as it's not quick and easy to pull it out and put it back in. Also, I am not sure how many people want to sit on their iPod & earbuds when they are wrapped around the wallet. Luckily for me, I keep my wallet in my front pocket, but you could shirt, coat, or bag.

Overall I think the wallet is a great idea, and it's a decent wallet. Using it for an iPod case / wallet, not so much.

- Stylish

- Need to open wallet to use iPod

Proporta Wallaby iPod Wallet
Exclusively sold by Skooba Designs in the USA

Price: $36.95 USD