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Review: LightBike - Multi-player 3D Racing

Back in the day was a game called Tron, and it contained a racing component with light cycles. LightBike, from Pankaku Inc. has brought back the fun from the original rendition and made it work on the iPhone & iPod Touch.

Essentially the object of the game is to build 3D walls to box in your opponents. The last one living wins the round. In theory it sounds easy, but playing the game might be challenging for you. It takes ultra fast reflexes and a bit of ingenuity to outfox your opponents. Speaking of opponents, you can play against the computer, head to head, or via Wi-Fi over your LAN. This adds a whole new level to the game, especially the Wi-Fi aspect of it.

In the split screen mode, each side of the screen operates their own LightBike. This is great fun for when you are killing time at a restaurant or on a long car ride. If two iPhones/iPods split the screen over Wi-Fi mode, you can get up to four players going at the same time. I haven't tried that, but it's nice to know if I ever want to get a mini LightBike party together.


LightBike brings back all of the fun of the Tron game. I couldn't stop playing it the first day I got it. Highly recommended. Check out the free version, and once it hooks you in, you'll gladly pay the small fee for the game. Highly recommended for tons of quick paced action and fun. 

LightBike - $.99 Currently on sale

LightBike FREE - Free Version