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Review: Pinball Dreaming - Pinball Dreams

I'm a 90's Amiga user. I still love that platform more than the Mac. I was extremely happy to see a port of one of my favorite games from the Amiga on the iPhone/iPod. Pinball Dreaming was one of my most played games out of the 50 or so I had for the Amiga 500.  It looks and feels just as good now as it did back then. Smooth graphics, cool sound effects, and tons of fun. 

It features four of the originally themed tables: Ignition, Steel Wheel, Beat Box, and Nightmare.  It's a fun time for all pinball lovers. The app is $4.99 for all of the features and they offer a 'lite' version that offers 1 table, 'Beat Box', and one ball to play it on. Definitely a fun one to demo or purchase. 

Pinball Dreaming: Pinball Dreams

Full version: $4.99

Lite Version: Free