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Review: WaterField Nintendo DS Lite Case

The Nintendo DS Lite is portable enough to take anywhere.Waterfield Dslite-1 Most DS Lite cases are designed with kids in mind and come in obnoxious colors and sizes. Luckily WaterFeld Designs have come up with an elegant case that any kid or adult would be proud to tote around.

It's nice to see designers taking note of the popularity of portable gaming. So many cases are aimed solely for kids and usually consist of something that resembles a sling or a backpack. You can't discretely carry that around. Let's take a look at the WaterField solution and see how it performs.


- Ballistic Nylon exterior. - Double layer leather flap. - Super soft lining to keep the DS Lite scratch free. - Storage for 6 DS Games. - Stylus holder. - Rear back pocket w/ Self Locking Zipper. - Pull strap (to ease removing your unit from the case).

External shell:

The overall external housing consists of high quality ballistic nylon. I believe this is the same fabric that is featured in several of their other products, which makes a nice complement to their line. The case features a soft & smooth double-layer leather flap. The high quality leather gives this case a very elegant feel. Since this case is about functionality & style, you can match your case to your DS or other accessories. Currently you can choose from three colors - black, kiwi, or pink. Each of these are also available in pattern on the front of the case, which provides a view of the internal leather accent. Our review unit sported the Black/Kiwi/Pattern design. Nintendodscase-12-Lg On the rear of the case is a self locking zippered compartment. You can fit in a pair of earbuds, a couple more DS lite games, and maybe a Game Boy Advance game -- but not much more. When the DS Lite is inside the case, it's a pretty snug fit which makes outside space very tight. Rear With the included pull tab, removing your unit from the case is a cinch. This is a fairly standard feature on WaterField cases, and I have seen it on their notebook sleeves as well. It's a welcome enhancement that makes pulling your DS out a breeze. inside

Interior Design:

Your DS Lite will stay looking great and scratch free with this case. It has a super soft padded lining which is custom designed to the DS Lite dimensions. Discretely stitched inside is the WaterField insignia, which is only visible when the case is open. It's a nice touch, and is done in a way that shows off the case, without being tawdry. What good is a portable case if you don't have a spot to hold your games? Luckily, they thought of that too. The case features 3 leather compartments that you can slip 6 DS games into - two in each compartment. Pulling out the DS Lite cartridges is made simple with the thumb slots at the bottom of the cartridge compartments. Simply stick your thumb in the hole and they slide right out. When you have two per slot inserted, they stay securely in place, so there is minimal chance of them falling out. However, we found during our testing that if you only have 1 game in the compartment, it will freely fall out if the case is turned upside down. I strongly caution you to keep at least two games per slot. Waterfield-Ds-Lite-Case---4 Directly below the game compartment, is a piece of leather stitched in horizontally so you can slide in an extra stylus. I didn't immediately notice it, since it blends in so well with the other leather accents. Little touches like this make the WaterField bags very appealing. inside One of the most appealing factors for me in the design was the choice to go with snaps to close the case. I expected to see some velcro on the case, but I was pleasantly surprised to see two snaps that connect the leather flap to the case. Just another example of quality that this case exhibits. Conclusion: This is the sweetest Nintendo DS Lite case that I have seen on the market. It's custom designed from high quality nylon & leather, and will likely outlast the life of your Nintendo unit. The average consumer will find the price a bit high at $39 USD - about 1/3 the price of the Nintendo DS Lite. WaterField has designed a unique case for the Nintendo DS Lite. If you can handle the price, and want nothing less than the best, the WaterField DS Lite case should be at the top of your list. 4.5 out of 5