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Review: WaterField Designs - Cozmo Mambo Combo

How many times have you seen a laptop bag that was functional, of solid construction, and pleasing to the critical eye? I have long searched for a laptop bag that looked as good on the outside as it was sturdy on the inside. With the Cozmo Mombo Combo from WaterField Designs, I think we have it.

cozmo - waterfield designs

What is a Mambo Combo? My Combo is made up of a horizontal Sleevecase, along with the Cableguy pouch and a medium Cozmo Bag in Pink leather. First and foremost, this bag is secure. The Sleevecase forms a close-fitting neoprene sock that hugs my laptop, and there is this great one-inch loop at the bottom of the sleeve that you can hold onto making laptop removal quick and easy. In addition, the Sleevecase can be used alone or inserted into a number of the WaterField bags. Cableguy Fullview-1SleeveCozmo FrontSleeve With Mac The Cozmo bag itself has a Lexan panel stitched into the bottom of the bag that provides a hidden source of strength. Beyond safety for our laptops, this bag has several details that add to its beauty and give a clue to its design quality. Cozmo Side View

WaterField Design Quality:

As for quality, the handles are covered in leather, making the bag ultra comfortable to carry. Also sitting in the comfort department is the suspension shoulder strap. The bag has off-set D-rings along with this excellent suspension shoulder strap that has a soft shoulder pad attached and is adjustable on both sides; all of which make it the most comfortable shoulder strap I have ever used. The clips that connect to the suspension strap are metal, like the D-rings, and not a cheap plastic, seen on imitation models. Rear CozmoStrap While still talking about design quality, the bag has double zipper sliders and quality stitching. Moreover, the bags are covered in this ballistic nylon that is super durable and easy to clean. Speaking as an owner of a yellow Labrador, I can tell you this bag sheds pet hair.

Combo Functionality:

Beyond quality construction this bag is also functional. The Sleevecase has its own pocket inside the Cozmo bag, and there are quick access pockets on the front and rear of the Cozmo of which the front pocket has a zippered pocket hidden inside. Inside of the bag there are also two hand pockets, one slim pocket good for writing instruments and another pocket handy for business cards and the like. Inside CozmoCozmo Inside-1 As part of the Mambo Combo, included is the Cableguy pouch made with the same ballistic nylon that has three pockets inside as well. There is a final element that has won me over: the bag and its accessories all have beautiful touches. For instance, both the bag and the pouch are lined in this gorgeous heavy-duty gold fabric. Not only is it easy to see what is inside, but also it is a beautiful sight to open the bag. In 'Pink Leather' ( a $30 premium) my Cozmo bag has these great pink leather panels on the exterior, which screams that this is an upscale bag. Cozmo LeatherCableguy Inside I have to tell you I have never gotten so many compliments on a bag as I have with the Cozmo. It is built such that it stands up on it own even when it is empty. You can access and remove anything inside the bag with one hand with the shoulder strap in place. Did I mention they make all of the bags in San Francisco? While the Combo commands a premium price, it is definitely worth paying for high quality craftsmanship and elegant styling. Each of the their bags is customizable in everything from size to color to accessories. Each of the items included in the combo are available individually, but if you buy them together, you get a favorable discount.

The Verdict:

The Cozmo along with its accessories is the most secure, functional, quality constructed and good-looking bag that I have ever used. If you are looking for a high quality stylish bag, look no further than the Cozmo Mambo Combo. If you can afford the additional $30, I highly recommend getting the leather - it adds a touch of elegance and durability. Available in multiple sizes, you are sure to find one to fit your needs. Check out their website to see the best bags on market.