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Review: Universal Privacy Screen Pro by Case-Mate

Up for review is the Universal Privacy Screen Pro. This is a static cling polymer film that covers your iPhone (or any portable electronic device) display to give you privacy while viewing your phone. While there are several brands, this particular one is from Case-Mate. How It Works- This protector, goes on as easy as most screen protection. It has a patterned texture printed in it designed to add privacy to your iPhone screen from any nosy co-workers etc. While it gives you privacy, it also gives you a perfect view of your iPhone from the front. This screen protector shields your screen at a 45 degree angle from all sides. This is actually a tighter space than some other brands, giving you more protection. This product comes with a cleaning cloth, graph paper (for measuring) and one of those little cardboard pieces to smooth the protector down once it’s on the screen. One great thing about this protector is it’s easy to install. It’s a little stiffer than the standard protector and easily peels off for adjustment. It has static cling, making it very secure once it’s on for good. The Privacy Screen for the iPhone is 2” by 3”. This product is also found in sizes for other phones, or can be easily cut to fit any size screen. How Does It Look- I have to say, before I put this on my iPhone to try it out, I never considered the idea that privacy would be a good idea for me. If I used my iPhone for tracking some finance stuff I would certainly have privacy shields on my phone. The screen is really remarkable. I found it did not interfere with my being able to see the screen during any normal usage. The touch abilities were also not affected. It is hardly noticeable on the iPhone, until looking at the display from an angle. It is not recommended for use it with other screen protectors, particularly the armor variety. It did actually work over my regular screen cover. Of course, it also provides protection as well as privacy. Conclusion: This is a super product at a good price. It offers protection and privacy, is easy to install and doesn't detract from regular iPhone use. I wouldn't mind seeing a fuller size protector, so the entire glass front of the phone is covered. 4.5 out of 5 by sheala