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Review: The Winkler iPod Pouch - Crumpler

winkler - stock photoAre you looking for a new iPod case to safely tote your tunes? Check out the 'The Winkler' from Crumpler Bags. The Winkler case is one of the higher quality constructed cases I have recently used. With fun styling and durability, it will look great hooked to your belt or backpack. Exterior: The outside of the case looks great. It has a cool Crumpler logo on the outer flap, and the rear has a dual velcro strap that makes it a cinch to hook it to your backpack or belt. Integrating the rear straps keeps me from having to rely on a plastic belt clip that's likely to break. The velcro bond was stong enough to keep the case in place, even when tugging on it. Crumpler - Winkler - Large - 2Crumpler - Winkler - Large - 3Crumpler - Winkler - Large - 4 If you are looking for a very slim line case - this isn't for you. The Winkler has a bit of bulk to it. That's not all bad - it offers protection to your iPod. More importantly, the padded inner compartment is going to help keep your iPod safe from a hard drive crash when you drop it. Crumpler - Winkler - Large - 5Crumpler - Winkler - Large - 1-1 To insert or remove the iPod, you simply open the front flap (secured by velcro) and reach in and pull out your iPod. My 4th Gen iPod 60 GB fit snugly inside, and this gave me warm and fuzzy feelings. I give kudos for making me feel like my iPod is protected, since this is one of my biggest concerns. After you insert the iPod, route your earbuds through the outside flap to the inside. Simply insert them into the button sized hole on top of the flap, and then connect them to your iPod. If needed, you can also route them out the side of the case, but I don't recommend this, since it puts tension on the top of the connector. Crumpler - Winkler - Large - 7 Day to Day Use: My personal preference is to carry my iPod in my front jeans pocket, but I was unable to do it with this case - at least comfortably. I was forced to strap it onto my belt, or carry it in the pocket of my hoodie. I found the case great for riding on my bike, transporting it in my backpack, car, and other places. I constantly felt like the iPod was secure. Problem: Now, here is the problem. In this situation, security comes with a tradeoff. If you are one of those people that like to switch tracks or adjust the volume frequently... forget it. It takes too much time to open the case, pull the ipod, make adjustments, and put it back in. I happen to be one of those people. Solution: Here is the solution I came up with. I connected my iPod remote and used that for all of the controlling while the iPod was safely inside of it's case. This worked out to be a functional alternative for me. However, iPods are no longer included with iPods, this solution isn't for everyone. Crumpler - Winkler - Large - 6 Construction: I am currently testing a few Crumpler products, and so far I have found them all very high quality, and The Winkler is no exception. The fabrics are durable, and all of the stitches look well done, and will last through years of abuse. Crumpler - Winkler - Large - 8 Feature Summary: -Available in 3 colors - Red, Gray, Orange -Two sizes: Large for regular iPods. Small for iPod Mini. -Water resistant 900D Nylon shell & 420D Ripstop Nylon lining -Padded main compartment with neoprene lined entry -Velcro release belt loop & flap -Belt or strap-mountable -Headphone escapes through hole in the middle, or out the side (newer iPods) Conclusion: The Winkler iPod Pouch is an high quality case, without a high price. It looks great, has impeccable stitching, and has a 'cool' factor to it. If offers value, style, and protection. If you don't like to frequently fiddle with your iPod settings, then this is the way to go. However, if you need to be constantly making adjustments to your music, this case may not be the best match for you. I like this case very much, but for long term use, I think it lacks on the functionality needed for hard core iPod listeners. Pros: -Outstanding construction. -Excellent Price point -Available in 3 colors and 2 sizes - Standard iPod & iPod Mini -Great protection for your iPod Cons: -Bulky -Must remove iPod to make adjustments to music. 4 out of 5