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Review: The Luncheon - Crumpler Notebook Bag

If you've read my previous reviews of Crumpler items, you have a good idea that I think they make a quality product.


This time I am reviewing 'The Luncheon', an attractive bag that is designed to carry your 15 inch notebook and a modest amount of accessories. Constructed with a heavy duty 1000D Cordura water repellent shell, it's made to withstand day to day abuse and look great at the same time. At first glance, you may not even expect a computer to be inside it.


This bag will support most 15 inch laptops, but measure yours to see if it will fit. Width - 12.20 inches Height - 14.17 inches Depth - 4.33 inches Volume - 6.0 L The Luncheon is available in 3 different colors: Olive/Pale Olive, Blue/Light Blue, and Black/Mid-Grey. Our review unit was the light blue. The colors were as vibrant as they appeared on their website and in their printed catalog. Online I thought the material looked softer, but when it arrived I was surprised by the canvas feeling. This was great since it provides durability I didn't expect it to have. The two tone makes a nice contrast and adds some great styling to the bag. I don't have a lot of light blue clothes, and I am sure there are plenty of guys that would be better suited to the olive or black models if they are concerned with color schemes. Crumpler---Luncheon---1-2


On the exterior, there are no side pockets, no water bottle holders, and no zippered areas. Just a flap that covers the interior, and a large sturdy strap on the back that can be used for hanging or carrying. This keeps the bag looking like a minimalist bag and not a utility bag that Batman would need. Crumpler---Luncheon---2 If straps are your thing, you'll be happy to know that it sports a a sturdy removable 2-inch wide strap with a matching removable velcro stap chocked full of padding. The strap is adjustable and very comfortable to carry on your shoulder. It's not as soft and cushy as the suspension strap on the Waterfield bag we recently tested, but it does offer a nice mix of versatility and comfort. Crumpler---Luncheon---3Crumpler---Luncheon---4

Inside Eval:

The insides are embellished with a bright orange 420D Ripstop nylon lining. Not only is the orange color inside attractive, but it enhances you ability to find items that make their way to the bottom of the bag. This is becoming the trend in most of the bags we have seen in the last year. When you are looking for things inside your bag, it's too hard to find things inside a black lining, and a lighter interior really makes the difference. Crumpler---Luncheon---10 Open up the flap are you will find a gusseted pocket that will fit magazines, battery chargers, and other essentials. The pocket is sewn in such a way that the more your stuff it with, it will expand. This pocket isn't padded, so think twice before putting your unprotected iPod or eye glasses inside this pocket. I was a bit disappointed that there weren't even any loops or areas to hold a pen/pencil. Even as a minimalist bag, it should include the basics - adding a holder for a pencil is a needed addition. Crumpler---Luncheon---7-2Crumpler---Luncheon---8 The pocket is held closed with a sewn in piece of velcro, and it is sufficient enough to keep the items secure from falling out. It's a bit loud openeing and closing it, but I guess durability = loud. Prepare for some looks in the library and the board room. Crumpler---Luncheon---9 The next pocket has a dual purpose. The front portion of the pocket will hold all kinds of accessories - power cord, purse, cell phone, glasses case, book,etc. It's roomy enough to carry a 500 page book, while offering enough room for all of the bare essentials. Crumpler---Luncheon---11 Also found in this pouch is a built in sleeve for your Mac or other notebook computer. I tested it with a 14 inch iBook and it fit great. The padding seems sufficient for a model in this price range, and it should protect your precious computer with normal use. The built in sleeve is nice and adds to the value of the bag. I did find one potential usability problem. If you have the inside full of stuff, you are going to have to move the items around so you can close the flap up when you put your mac back inside the sleeve. Since it has the triangular flap, this bag suffers from the same 'corner' flaw that the Hee-Goer does. The triangle only covers the very top of the notebook, and leaves portions of the top corners exposed. The depth of this bag keeps the exposed notebook corners fairly deep in the bag, which provides a bit of corner protection. Ideally, we would like it fully padded all over, not only to provide us with a high level of confidence, but more importantly, to protect our expensive electronics. exposed corners

Mesh - it's cool:

The final storage area in The Luncheon is under the exterior flap. It's a sewn in mesh that traverses almost the full area of the flap. Access is provided by the signature 'Crumpler' zipper, found on their bags. It's a large easy to grip zipper, and it's embellished with the Crumpler logo. It's a high quality zipper, but I don't know if it is a YKK. It moves fluidly and we didn't experience any jamming problems. Crumpler---Luncheon---5-1 Before you take the bag out, be sure to tuck in the sides of it, especially if it is raining. Just closing the flap will leave each side sticking out, and I found that you need to tuck them in to get full coverage and protection from the elements. untucked cornertucked in corner


- Price - $95 for 15 inch & $85 for 12 inch. - Lacks pocket area to secure writing utensils and keys.