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Review: Sportsuit Relay and Sportsuit Sensor+ from Marware

Are you interested in the Nike+iPod kit for your iPod Nano, but don't want to run with Nike+ shoes? Fortunately, Marware has developed an inexpensive and easy alternative called the Sportsuit Sensor +. sportsuit sensor plus It's a small neoprene and rubber pouch that allows you to attach the Nike sensor to your favorite running shoes of any brand. This is a fantastic solution for people who don't want to buy the special Nike shoes, for whatever reason. We tested the Sportsuit Relay for iPod Nano, a combo solution consisting of Marware's patented wrist/armband case and the Sportsuit Sensor + case. The lightweight armband is made of a neoprene and rubber and comes with a velcro attachable extension. The extension can be attached if you have a thick wrist or if you want to wrap it around your upper arm. The extension is long enough that it should accommodate most male and female body types. Alternatives to Nike+ gear The Sportsuit fits 1st and 2nd gen iPod Nanos with the dongle attached to your iPod. You connect the iPod receiver into the bottom of the iPod Nano and then insert it into the Sportsuit. It slides in easily, and the neoprene on the bottom stretches to wrap up and over the iPod dongle. If you are using an older case, depending on the design, your iPod dongle will protrude out, and this case gives you full coverage. Sportsuit4insert Depending on your body type and where you position your case (wrist or arm), you have the option of attaching the included extender strap. It simply velcros on, and gives you an additional 5 or 6 inches of girth. There is velcro across the whole length of the extender, and you can easily adjust to a comfortable and secure fit. The front of your iPod is covered by a transparent plastic screen. It allows you to control the iPod via the click wheel, with just a bit of additional force, especially when scrolling through songs. If you look in the image below, you can see how the neoprene case fits with the dongle attached. One of my pet peeves is misaligned headphone jacks. Fortunately, this case didn't suffer from that common flaw. Marware Sportsuit Relay - 11Marware Sportsuit Relay - 15 After each run, the neoprene that was in contact with my skin was sweaty, but dried very quickly. Connects to ANY shoe (with laces) You insert your Nike sensor into the Sensor+ upside down, wrap it around your laces, and velcro it. A basic and effective design. The velcro is strong and I can't imagine the pouch falling off, even running cross country. Sportsuit7 Sportsuit8Sportsuit9 Nike Sensor Sportsuit10Sportsuit11Sportsuit12Marware Sportsuit Relay - 10 Connected to the shoe Water Caution I would be careful running around water. If you are using the Nike shoes, the sensor goes inside, and is ostensibly given some extra protection from water. Since this solution is worn outside the shoes, even with the neoprene case, why take a chance on ruining your Nike sensor. Nike says that the battery is sealed, so it may not be a problem. Still, I would probably recommend that you give it a spray with your favorite water repellent spray.