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Review: Speck's PixelSkin iPhone 3G case

The Speck PixelSkin is a great silicone iPhone 3G case. It fits neatly on the phone and lends a nice sense of my iPhone having protection. Here's a closer look. Overview This case is made of a silky feeling silicone. It has a tiled pattern covering the entire case. It is thick enough to add a bit of bulk. There are cut-outs for the speakers/charging port, earphone jack, silence button and camera. The home, volume and sleep buttons are covered and marked with specialized bumps. The case covers the rim and front enough to feel secure in place. The tiled pattern gives a comfortable tactile feeling to the case. This silicone seems a bit more resistant to lint than most. The tiled pattern does give more lint collection spaces. Still the silicone is easily rinsed. The tile pattern also gives the case a bit more cushion than some other silicone cases. It feels very comfortable to grip. It slips on the phone very easily. Details Speck's PixelSkin has a decent range of colors. This case is available in black, pink, white, yellow, green, purple and blue. The colors are modeled after food, i.e mint, blueberry and so on. This silicone is not the translucent kind, so the colors are very strong. Unfortunately, there are no accessories to speak of for this case. Where some cases come with a set of screen protectors, the PixelSkin does not come with any screen protectors. Of course, it does not interfere with most protectors. There isn’t a separately sold belt or car clip to fit it. At $24.99, this case is a bit steeper than most silicone cases. Conclusion: This skin has a soft, yet solid feel to it. It fits the iPhone 3G nicely. The color assortment is great. Even at a higher price point than some, I personally prefer this iPhone case for my own use. 4 out of 5 by sheala