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Review: Mac OS X Leopard Pocket Guide

pocketguide_macosx.jpgO'Reilly has released their latest Mac OS X Leopard Pocket Guide. I love to keep one of these pocket guides inside of my notebook bag for those times when I am trying to execute a non-diurnal task. The latest edition is up to date for Apple's new cat, Leopard. A quick and easy read, packed with enough details to get you through most Mac tasks that a consumer would need.

Great Content

Mac OS X Pocket Guide is broken into seven easy to read chapters. It introduces you to Leopard with an overview of the new features and finishes off with Configuring your Mac. Each topic is covered briefly, but with enough detail to get you started or at least provide you with an overview of what the feature does. (View the full table of contents) To keep the size down it does omit or abridge several portions of the operating system. Boot Camp immediately comes to mind. It only offers a short paragraph covering what it does, and another small section in the rear of the book with an overview of the Bootcamp Assistant. The good news is that the content most people will look for is easy to find. Want to know how to create a smart folder or enable Parental Controls? No problem. The 'Configuring Your Mac' chapter is especially handy, and answers most of the questions that Mac users would ask. It offers a broad range of topics in this chapter. For example, it steps you through the process of configuring your Airport to share the USB printer, all the way to configuring your screen saver to show RSS feeds. Conclusion: It's a great little pocket reference for the newer Mac user, focusing 70+ pages (1/3 of of the book) on Mac OS X Basics. It's detailed enough for even the newest Mac users, but will leave the power users yearning for more detail. If you are shopping for the holidays, this book makes a great stocking stuffer to go along with that new Mac. 4 out of 5