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Review: Komen Paris Backpack for Women

StockimageLadies pay attention. Men, you too - especially if you are looking for a gift. Mobile Edge is leading the way in functional computer transport for women. The Komen Paris Backpacks are a great way to transport your Mac and it's accessories. The 'Komen' part of the title is denoting that it's a special edition, giving 10% of the sale price to the 'Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation'

With a combination of black and a splash of pink - all in leather, it has a look that fits any situation. You can walk into class with this on your back or into the board room (you might want to carry it in via the handle), and look stylish while doing it. The Komen Paris Backpack is chocked full of features that offer a mix of safety and comfort. The Paris Backpack is comprised of several layers. The outside flap has a nice looking large clip that opens up to expose a very large mesh pocket, which is great for keeping your airline tickets, checkbook, or day-planner. The zipper that opens the pocket is very small, and I found it hard to grasp, even with my agile fingers. Mobile Edge - Paris - 2Mobile Edge - Paris - 4 Directly behind the pouch is another layer which unzips on either side about 75 percent. This layer opens up two zippered mesh pockets, sized appropriately for a cell phone, or other similarly sized device. Next to the mesh pockets are two neoprene pockets, with velcro enclosures, which are approximately 5x3 inches. Directly below is a pocket with the same style that spans both of the pockets above it.Across from these spacious pockets is a large pocket that will fit a magazine, file folder, or whatever else you may be carrying. Mobile Edge - Paris - 6-1 The next layer is one gigantic pocket which you can throw in anything that will fit. I call it 'the everything-else' interior pocket. A nice touch inside this is a removable cosmetic/accessory pouch. So it doesn't fall to the bottom, it has a clip which hooks to the inside of the bag. You can keep your lipstick, eye-shadow, and other misc items, and having them hanging from the top makes them quick and easy to access when you are on the go. Mobile Edge - Paris - 8 Close these layers, and flip the flap back over, and on the back side of the bag is where you access your Mac or other notebook (shudder the thought). Two nicely sized leather zippers with pink accents make it easy to open the compartment. You will immediately notice that they don't zip down more than 25% on each size. Just enough to access your MacBook for insertion or removal. Mobile Edge - Paris - 16 I was immediately impressed with the egg-crate style padding. I haven't seen this in any of the bags we have tested before, and I think it's great. Hey, the style keeps eggs safe (usually), so it should keep my precious Mac safe, right? Simply insert your Mac, close the velcro strap on the top, zip it and go. Quick and easy. I like the fact that you don't have to open the flap to access the notebook. This makes it easier to pull your Mac out in a pinch on the bus, subway, plane, etc. The rear of the bag features an ergonomic padded and ventilated back panel. This bag is pretty comfortable for trekking across campus, if you adjust it properly. The adjustment clips are a nicely accented sturdy metal, which makes it a breeze to adjust. On the left strap it has a small mesh enclosure, which would easily fit an iPod Nano or iPod Shuffle. Mobile Edge - Paris - 11Mobile Edge - Paris - 13 Mobile Edge - Paris - 17 If you get thirsty on the way to the office, this bag has the answer. the side of the bag has a zipper that opens up to a pull out mesh pocket which will fit a regular sized water bottle. This is great. It keeps the bag's style in tact when you want to use it professionally. When you are done with your drink, simply put the mesh back into the bag and zip it up. I wish more bags offered this feature, instead of just sewing them on the outside. Conclusion: Women have taken second fiddle long enough when it comes to finding computer bags. Mobile Edge has answered our needs by offering exceptionally functional, stylish, and affordable bags. The fact that you can get these bags in the Komen special editions is all the better - 10% of the profits go to helping fight breast cancer. If you simply want the Paris Backpack, it's available in other colors besides the Black and Pink. You won't be helping breast cancer foundations, but you will open yourself up to a small variety of colors and even a micro-fiber version if you choose. If you are in the market for a great backpack with a lifetime warranty, you can't go wrong with the Komen Paris Backpack. Pros: - Large exterior zippers. - Attractive - Black leather w/ Pink trim. - Strong stitching. - Lots of space for accessories. - Lifetime Warranty Cons: - Small interior zippers, can be hard to grasp. - A bit pricey. - Not for everyone, some professionals may not want a backpack. - Flap can be annoying in some situations. 4.5 out of 5