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Review: iMovie 6 & iDVD - The Missing Manual

Manualmissing ImovieEach year Apple introduces the new iLife series, and being a Mac addict, I buy it. Sometimes the latest and greatest features are just small updates, but occasionally they give one of the apps a complete overhaul. This is the case with iLife 06'. Apple has done more than added a few new features to iMovie 6 and iDVD 6 - they have completely changed the way they work. Luckily David Pogue has written his latest book from the Missing Manual series, 'iMovie 6 & iDVD - The Missing Manual'. Whether you are brand new to these apps, or a veteran, you are sure to enjoy the latest book from Pogue. With 499 pages of full color fun, you can keep it right next to you as you work through the steps creating your next masterpiece. I will have to admit I am somewhat apprehensive to start editing a new movie or creating a DVD, simply because of the time involved in such a product. Sure, I try out the latest and greatest features with every new release, but I never fully take advantage of them. This is actually pretty sad. I have this great iMac, one of the fastest ever, and I still come up with excuses not to use two of the best apps on it. Reading Pogue's latest book has changed all of that. The Missing Manual has renewed the spark that I used to have for iMovie. In fact, it has me itching to go out and shoot some video & create some DVDs. What you can learn! Intelligently written and entertaining with his witty explanations, you will learn through a step by step process to creating great looking films. Get the information you need - camera selection, editing basics, adding cool effects, scoring your movie, exporting it, and more. You will learn things about creating great looking content that your audience will want to see. Whether you are recording your childs birthday party or creating the next Spielberg film (well that may be a stretch), you will learn some great tips. It is a breath of fresh air to read a technical manual and actually enjoy it. iMovie 6 & iDVD - The Missing Manual is divided into five sections. They step you through every conceivable process to making great looking videos. You start out by learning how to capture DVD footage. In the second section, you delve into the software element, and get your feet wet editing with iMovie. In the third section, you learn how to cater to your audience and finally learn what all of those Quicktime codecs are. Part four takes you into iDVD6 and you will uncover all of the not so obvious features (and even the obvious ones). Section Five is the Appendix, and it starts off by taking you through a grand tour of each menu item, menu by menu in iMovie 6. You will know more than you ever thought you would about movie making movies with your Mac. If you are a casual user of iMovie and iDVD this book is going to be an invaluable reference. I always wonder what effect would look best, which codec to use to encode my video, and so on. No longer do I have to wonder, I just open up the book and read Pogues' clear and concise explanation of what to use.. and why! Final Thoughts: As you use these programs more, you will amaze yourself at the content you can create. Combine this book and Apple's apps, and your creativity (yes.. everyone is creative) your flick could be the next big thing (even if it's only at the family reunion). As with all of the Missing Manuals from David Pogue, they make you smile, say hmmm... , and even wonder how he found out about that super secret menu you've never even seen before. Whether you are a newbie or veteran, you are going to enjoy this book.