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Review: iLap Laptop Stand


Some Like It Hot!

If you've got a MacBook you’ll know what I mean when I say ‘Some like it hot!’. In fact anyone who uses a laptop (it’s by no means exclusive to Apple) on their lap will be aware that things get hot , hot, hot! Slap two of these together and you could be cranking out pop tarts at volcanic temperatures. (George Foreman watch out – I can see it now, the iGrill). Of course if you use your laptop on a desk you will be unaware of this ‘hidden bonus feature’. But if you’re like me and sit watching TV on the sofa and whilst surfing it can be a problem. OK, I’ve exaggerated a little for dramatic purposes, but the point I am trying to make is that even through normal everyday clothes, there is definitely a burning sensation when using your MacBook on your lap for any prolonged length of time. So what are your options? Well you could try: 1. Wearing thicker clothes, something like a NASA space suit would probably just about do the job. 2. Only using it for incredibly short periods of time, I like to call it ‘Speed Surfing’ 3. Buy something that dissipates the heat away from your MacBook. Keeping you and your laptop cooler.

iLap Laptop Stand

Introducing the iLap laptop stand from Rain Design. Now this was never going to be a very long review. There are no lengthy installation procedures, no calibration processes and definitely no software updates to run. Well, this is good to go out of the box. Well it should be, it’s a piece of bent metal with some padding! In simple terms, yes that’s exactly what it is. But what a beautiful looking piece of bent metal!

So let me tell you a little bit more about it…

Firstly, I love the look of it. I would highly recommend visiting the Rain Design website and taking a look at the some of the other products they produce. I get the sense product design is very important to them something I appreciate. The iLap is made of aluminium which has been sandblasted to give it a matt sheen. The aluminium construction has excellent heat dissipation qualities, 13 x more effective than stainless steel! It is beautifully finished off with no hard edges as you would expect on something that is designed to support your expensive laptop. When you perch your MacBook on the iLap for the very first time you will notice that your MacBook sits approx 5mm off from the iLap. This is deliberate, as it allows the air to circulate underneath, which helps to keep you and your MacBook cooler. The MacBook is notorious for having excessive heat problems, but I honestly can’t remember the last time I heard the noisy MacBook fan kick in. And you should also see some battery power savings due to the fan not having to run as often. The iLap has been ergonomically designed, the screen is at a higher position, which reduces stress on your neck and shoulders. Using the iLap on your lap it presents your laptop screen to you at a very comfortable angle to type. For lap use it comes with some extra padding. One bigger cushion that runs across the front of the iLap and another that runs across the back strut underneath. The cushions make the iLap very comfortable, the front cushion provides support for your wrists and the other underneath rests directly across your knees. Not sure how portable the iLap is, I personally could not get the iLap to fit into my laptop bag which I would estimate is of average size. So I think this product would be more suited for the home user who uses a laptop as their primary machine. My only niggle is that the finishing of the cushions looks a bit dated in my opinion. The model I own is black velvet with silver edged piping. I think that if they commissioned a hip textile designer they could introduce some trendier colours and or patterns. Perhaps a range of Apple exclusive limited edition patterns might be an idea. Please, don’t get me wrong, the cushions are very plush and luxurious. But the iLap itself is super trendy and doesn’t look out place sitting next to a MacBook or MacBook Pro, but I think the look of the cushions cheapens it ever so slightly. iLap: Cushion Free modeiLap: Cushion Free mode The front cushion can be removed as it is fastened with velcro. So if you want to use the iLap on your desk you can! When used on a desk the iLap’s ergonomic design tilts your keyboard reducing stress on your wrist and hands. iLap comes in 12 inch, 13 inch wide-screen, 14 inch, 15 inch, 15 inch wide-screen and 17 inch wide-screen Prices are $49.90 for 13 inch MacBook model and $69.90 for the MacBook Pro model. Conclusion: I think a good way to judge if a product was worth purchasing, is to look back a few months later and see if you are still using it or not. I got my iLap as an Xmas gift, and I can honestly say I have used it every day since. If you own a MacBook or MacBook Pro in fact any laptop, this is a must have piece of kit, that will make using your laptop a much more enjoyable experience. 4.75 out of 5 By Macwingnut