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Review: iGo Power Solutions

Is there anything worse than getting where ever you are going and realizing that you’ve left the power cord for your laptop at home? That happened to me this weekend and my solution was the Radio Shack iGo Power solution. I became familiar with the brilliant iGo system when I had to replace my cell phone’s car charger. At the time, my cell phone was still a dark ages phone, so I went where I always go for harder to find electronic parts. I’ve been a Radio Shack fan since the Tandy and Electronic Lab Kits of my childhood days. When I got there, I learned someone had finally figured out that consumers would happily buy a cord that can charge more than one of the ubiquitous devices we carry.

The Breakdown

The iGo system is this- One power cord, with multiple interchangeable tips. The car charger kit costs about $30, that includes 1 tip to start. After that, tips cost about $10. Sheer genius is my description of that. Of course, the items being charged have to be using about the same power level; meaning that on the system I bought I can charge cell phones, PDAs, portable game systems, GPS systems and the like. I believe they also have a similar system for auto charging laptops. This brings me to my recent find. There I was, laptop, no power cord, thinking of all the things I could do with my laptop, if I didn’t have to worry about running out of power. So with a quick stop at Radio Shack I came away with the home version of the iGo charger system for laptops. It cost around $80 and what I get is the wall plug, with the power converter for the higher powered needs of my laptop, a selection of tips for various laptops. A nice little travel case is include. The cords all have built on velcro strips for easy cord storage. Sweet! This charger comes with a list of compatible laptops, On the list was all the older Mac laptops. I didn’t see any of the new Intel Macs, but I have noticed that Radio Shack does seem to keep up with the changes and brings out new iGo Tips, when needed. Also, if you have an older product, make sure you ask an employee for help, if you don’t see it listed on the current iGo display. The stores, tend to keep a collection of tips around to try out. After I got my new charger plug in and charging my iBook, I discovered an added bonus, which I am thrilled about. the wall charger for laptops, with the added power pack, has an extra plug. I can buy an add on cord ($15) and then use my iGo Tips to charge a smaller powered item, like my cell phone, iPod, or PDA. Fantastic! I can totally see how this is going to make packing and travel a bit simpler. I already look forward to buying the add on cord and a Tip for my Nintendo DS Lite. Then I can pack up one tidy little bag of cords, oh, I mean one cord and tips and get going.

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Conclusion: Even if you have chargers for every single device, I’d recommend these, just for travel simplicity. And if your tired of rearranging power cords at home, this could be part of the solution. Charging stations have become a popular piece of furniture for the home and this could certainly keep the mess on those centers, to a minimum. These may seem a little pricey, but they seem worth it. There are quite a few accessories, I have not covered here, but if any readers out there want to comment, feel free. 5 out of 5 by sheala