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Review: ifrogz Customizable Case For iPod with Video

Style and durability combine to make the ifrogz iPod case a prime bodyguard for your 30 or 60 GB 5th generation iPod. With this one size fits all, shock-absorbing, silicone shield your iPod will be protected from most falls and scratches.

As with any case though, one kind does not fit all personalities and needs. The ifrogz cases try to fit all personalities and tastes by allowing you to customize not only the color of the casing, but the band that goes around it and the decal that covers the click-wheel.

The case also has an optional belt clip. However with only the silicone as support, it makes the belt clip uncomfortably loose. As long as the screw is screwed tightly into the back of the case, there should be no worry of the iPod falling out of the clip though.

The clear plastic screen that comes with the kit is meant to cover the face of the iPod to avoid scratches. It doesn't exactly fit well over the click-wheel as it leaves bubbles, but that's what the click-wheel decal is for.

With the band attached it covers the hold switch and the dock connection but keeps the earphone plug open. This is great if you want a little more protection for the nooks and crannies of your iPod. However the opening for the earphones may not fit non-Apple earbuds.
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