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Review: Gelaskins - Awesome Skins for your Devices

816_ScottSaw_Backwoods_450.jpgI can't say I've ever been a fan of putting stickers or other 'skins' on my computer or phone. I see it quite often out in the wild, but it's really never appealed to me. So when the folks from Gelaskins offered up a few to try, I was a little less than enthusiastic. I requested up 3 skins to test; iBook, iPhone, and Moto RAZR. Applying them was quite simple. You simply clean the device you are going to affix it to, peel from the Gelaskins paper, and apply. Each Gelaskin comes with a small diagram on how to apply it. If you don't get the skin aligned just right, it's not a problem at all. They are made from a premium grade 3M vinyl and adhesive technology that is easily removed and re-applied -- bubble free. I had to do this once or twice when I was trying to apply it to my Moto RAZR phone to get it just right. The final result was that it looked fantastic and I was immediately impressed. 817_ExplodingDog_RedRobotLeavingTheCity_450.jpg I was somewhat skeptical on how it would hold up in my pocket over the next few weeks. Now three weeks later, it looks as good as it did on day one. Quite impressive, considering how I abuse this device. On my RAZR, the Gelaskin covered it front and back. While this offers optimal scratch resistance for my phone, it doesn't make it easy for battery removal. I have 4 extra batteries I like to take along on trips with me. To remove the battery case, I have to peel the Gelaskin back about half way, re-apply it. No worries though, because it looks great each time. Since most people don't swap batteries like I do, I doubt this would be a problem for 99% of the RAZR owners. iPhone The iPhone is a little bit different. You don't have a front and back cover, just a skin that goes on the rear. While this offers a little extra grip & scratch protection for your iPhone, it's almost kind of pointless, unless you just want to jazz up the iPhone appearance. An added bonus for the iPhone though is that you can download a matching wallpaper from Gelaskins to give it an added touch of pizazz. Nice touch! Mac Applying the Gelaskin to my iBook was just as easy as all of the others. It too looks great and I am really enjoying having this skin on my Mac. I guess the only downside is that it covers up the illuminated 'Apple' logo. Regardless, choose a cool Gelaskin and you will surely get some compliments when you whip out your notebook in public. robot.jpg Conclusion: If you are looking for a great selection of skins for your iPhone, iPod, RAZR, Macbooks, Nintendo DS and a ton of other devices, look no further than Gelaskins. They apply and re-apply without leaving any residue behind. Definitely recommended. 5 out of 5