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Review: DLO's Jam Jacket for iPhone 3G

jamjacket Here’s a look at the Jam Jacket for iPhone 3G. I like my silicon cases. I like them, because the iPhone is slippery and I’m not always paying attention. So I like to know that I have a better chance of keeping my fingers on my phone and that if I do drop it, there’s a little protection built in. First Glance: So this Jam Jacket from DLO is pretty sweet for those requirements. The silicone wraps around the front edges of the phone. That is enough to keep the case on very secure, but not detract from the look of the phone. It covers all the buttons except the silence button. Even the home button is covered; it has a 3-d square to mark it. The volume and sleep buttons also have bumps in the case to match. It has openings for the charger/speakers, headphones and camera. I found the opening for the silence button a bit small for my fingers, which are not big. I often flipped the corner off to hit the silence button, until I used a nail scissor to trim the opening a bit larger. The silicone has a nice grip to it. The back, top and bottom are smooth. The top and bottom have molded areas to allow the DLO belt clip to fit. Though if you don’t use the clip, the case still looks stylish. The sides have a real nice bumpy texture, to help with holding the phone in your hand. Small Details Like most silicone cases, this one will attract lint if you stick it in your pocket. That is one of the trade offs for silicone cases. This case has a great tactile texture to grip. So you can get a good hold on it but, you may want to rinse the lint off, every so often, if you carry your phone in a dusty pocket. This case comes in clear, pink, blue and black. It also comes with 3 full front Surface Shield covers and the tools to put them on. The plastic shields have earpiece and home button holes cut into them. They protect the front without interfering with the touch screen. The Jam Jacket costs $19.99. The belt clip, which doubles as a car vent mount for hands free use, costs $24.99. An extra pack of 5 Surface Shields cast $14.99. Conclusion: This is a good silicone case for the iPhone 3G. It has a good form factor, a reasonable price and useful accessories. By sheala